Why You Should Choose Hodge Ortho

We understand our patients’ stress: choosing a Little Rock orthodontist is an important decision. Not only will you or your child be under that orthodontist’s care for months or years, but you’ll be making an investment in your future appearance and self-confidence.

How do you find someone you can trust with your teeth?

For a variety of reasons, Hodge Orthodontics is proud to be the Little Rock orthodontist hundreds of local families choose for their care.

Personalized Care

Chances are that you’ve seen ads for large orthodontic practices with multiple locations in the area or across the country. Those practices may have the cash to produce flashy advertisements, but they’re missing something: personalization.

One of our favorite parts of being a Little Rock orthodontist is our ability to form lasting relationships with patients and families. As a small local practice, we can ensure you that Dr. Hodge and our close-knit group of assistants will be the ones to treat you every time you visit our office.

Specialized Expertise

This may surprise you, but not all orthodontists are equally invested in the field. Some choose orthodontics because they expect to make more money than they would as a traditional dentist.

With Dr. Hodge, this isn’t the case. She knew early in her dental school career that she wanted to be a Little Rock orthodontist.

As a result, Dr. Hodge completed a specialized orthodontic residency on top of dental school, and she holds a Master’s Degree in Oral Sciences.

Treatments for the Whole Family

The most common orthodontic patients are kids and teens. In fact, four out of five orthodontic patients are under 18. For that reason, some orthodontists exclusively treat those age groups. Where is an adult to go for straighter teeth?

The answer is Hodge Ortho. At our Little Rock orthodontic office, we help patients of all ages get the well-aligned smiles of their dreams.

This is another reason our patients are so invested in our practice. Many of our patients first met us when we treated their family members, and the whole family has developed a relationship with our team.

Range of Options

Braces aren’t one-size-fits-all, and we aren’t just talking about the fact that every set is patient-specific.

Our orthodontic practice is proud to offer three popular choices for teeth alignment. In addition to traditional metal braces, we provide ceramic braces for a more subtle look.

For patients who truly want a discreet way to straighten their teeth, we offer Invisalign treatments as well.

By working with all these options, we’re able to evaluate each patient’s needs and recommend the option that best fits their goals and their budget. It also gives us the flexibility to treat a wide range of alignment issues.

Choosing Your Little Rock Orthodontist

Finding a Little Rock orthodontist you trust and enjoy can make the difference between whether your teeth-straightening experience is stressful or stress-free. For our patients at Hodge Ortho, our local hometown practice has the perfect blend of personalized care and orthodontic expertise to meet all their needs.

To start your journey with Hodge Ortho, call our orthodontic office to set up your first appointment.

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