New Year New Smile! Orthodontic Treatments Available in 2020

The beginning of the new year is a time for reflection on your life and your goals for the coming year. Maybe you want to spend more time with your family, start getting healthier, make more friends, or pursue that promotion at work! While we can’t directly help you achieve those goals, we can indirectly make them easier to achieve by boosting your self-confidence with a new and improved smile!

Nobody should have to hide their smile from the world, especially when we have so many ways to help you improve it! Creating a beautiful smile isn’t just about appearance – it’s also about boosting your self-esteem and allowing you to be the best, most confident version of yourself. When you’re not thinking about how much you hate your smile, you can smile more often. And smiling more often is linked to actually making you happier.

Let’s look at some of the ways we can help you create that perfect smile.

Your First Appointment

It can be a little overwhelming to consider starting orthodontic treatment. And a lot of times we build up the fear of the pain and time commitment into something truly scary – but nothing could be further from the truth! We won’t lie to you, orthodontia can be a little uncomfortable – we’re physically shifting your teeth after all! But it should never be painful enough that you’re losing sleep, unable to eat or are brought to tears. Talk to Dr. Hodge about your pain tolerance and your concerns and let her put you at ease and talk about your options.

The first thing we’ll do at your appointment will be to have you fill out a medical/dental history form. Then we’ll take pictures of your teeth to help you and Dr. Hodge visualize your smile. If Dr. Hodge thinks it’s appropriate, we may also take some radiographs of your teeth and jaws at this time. Then Dr. Hodge will complete a full assessment of your smile and discuss her findings with you.

Dr. Hodge believes in a patient-centric approach to orthodontia and our first priority will always be your comfort and satisfaction, so relax and make sure that you ask every question you’d like the answer to. This isn’t just an assessment – it’s a conversation! We want to know what your expectations and desires are for your new and improved smile.

Your Orthodontic Treatment Options

At Hodge Orthodontics, we believe that every smile is as unique as the person behind it! Everyone has a different timeline, lifestyle and comfort level with orthodontic treatment. That’s why we offer a variety of options for you to choose from.

Metal Braces

Metal braces are the most well-known and traditional orthodontic treatment option. And decades later, they are still the most popular form of braces because of their effectiveness and lower cost. But today’s metal braces are different than the ones you may be familiar with from years past. Technological advances mean that we can use much smaller metal brackets. The metal is lighter weight the brackets are smaller. This means that your metal braces will be much more comfortable than they used to be back in the day. They’re also easier to care for which is an added bonus! We use high-quality metal brackets made here in the United States – because your smile deserves the best.

Ceramic Braces

Ceramic braces are identical to metal braces except that they are made of ceramic instead of metal! Ceramic braces are an ivory color, or clear, which helps them to fade into the natural color of your teeth, which makes your braces much less noticeable. Ceramic braces are a perfect alternative for anyone who prefers a more aesthetically pleasing, discreet option when considering traditional braces. Like our metal braces, our ceramic braces are of the highest quality and made in the United States.


Invisalign is a series of clear aligners molded to fit your teeth that gradually shift your smile over time. You can take them out for special occasions, presentations, and when you’re eating which makes them very convenient for most people – just be careful! If you leave them off for long periods of time it will take that much longer to achieve your perfect smile.

If you’re worried about having braces in the workplace or while you’re dating, or even if you’re just particularly picky about your smile, Invisalign can be an excellent option. Because it works best on mild to moderate issues, it’s not for everyone. But ask Dr. Hodges and she’ll go over her assessment of your teeth and jaw and point you in the right direction.

If you choose Invisalign, we’ll scan your teeth with our state of the art scanner, iTero. This eliminates the need for those messy, gag-inducing foam impressions everyone dreads. And in more good news, Invisalign is now available in a teen-friendly line – Invisalign Teen! Ask Dr. Hodge about it during your appointment.

How Much Will My New Smile Cost?

We know that finances are probably top of mind when you’re considering orthodontia, and that’s completely valid. The cost of your treatment will depend on the severity of your issues, the length of your treatment and which treatment option you choose. After your assessment, you can meet with our financial coordinator – they’ll help you figure out a payment option that works best for you and your family.

A final tip – you can actually lower your costs by being compliant with your treatment plan. Proper care, consistency, and following instructions can reduce your treatment length pretty considerably by lowering the number of office visits you have to make. So leave those Invisalign retainers in! Don’t eat those caramels! And remember that we’re here for you if you have any questions or concerns.

If you’re ready to get started on your new smile and schedule an appointment, call us or contact us through the site!

Hodge Orthodontics has a variety of orthodontic treatment options available to help you create your perfect smile this year!

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