Dr. Hodge is a specialist

That means that she specialized in and practices solely orthodontics. She went through an additional 3 years of education after dental school to learn how to diagnose and treat orthodontic problems that involve the teeth and the jaws.

We treat our patients like family

Besides offering excellent orthodontic care, we treat our patients and their families as our own family. We love getting to know people and making new friends. We go the extra mile to make sure your experience at our office is extraordinary.

State of the art equipment

We have the latest technologies available in orthodontics. We use digital radiographs that produce less radiation than conventional film radiographs. We have an intra-oral scanner that virtually eliminates the needs for uncomfortable impressions with that traditional thick gooey material. We use self ligating and ceramic brackets and we offer the latest in Invisalign treatment techniques.


You’re busy. We know it! It can be hard to squeeze orthodontic appointments into your schedule. That is why we offer extended hours for appointment during the week and Saturday appointments.

We believe everyone should have access to orthodontic treatment.

We believe that cost should not get in the way of getting a fantastic smile. That is why we accept multiple insurances and offer flexible financing. We are here to help you find a way to make it possible for you to get the smile you have always wanted. tments.


The first visit at any dental office can be an intimidating experience. That will not be the case at Hodge Orthodontics. You can expect to be treated like family from day 1.

The first thing we will ask you to do is to complete a medical and dental history form. That will help us understand if there are any medical or dental issues that may require modifications of your treatment. After that we will take photographs of your teeth. We use those help you visualize the issues we see as well as to help you show Dr. Hodge the issues that you see. If Dr. Hodge thinks that radiographs are helpful at that time, we will take one or two radriographs of the teeth and jaws. Then Dr. Hodge will perform a complete orthodontic evaluations and discuss the findings of her evaluation, the photos and the radiographs with you. She will listen to your concerns and present treatment options that will lead to the results you want.

insurance & finances

At Hodge Orthodontics, we believe access to orthodontic treatment shouldn’t be cost prohibitive. We offer personalized financial solutions to meet your needs.


If you have insurance through a company that is not listed above give us a call and we will gladly verify if we are able to accept your benefits.


The cost of orthodontic treatment depends on the severity of the problems, the estimated duration, and modality of treatment. Once Dr. Hodge completes the evaluation and discusses treatment options, our financial coordinator will work with you to find a solution that works for you and your family.


Will my teeth hurt after I get braces?

They can. Most people experience some degree of discomfort after they get their braces. That usually goes away after 3 days. During that time, we recommend that you eat a soft diet. Mashed potatoes, pasta, hamburgers, and milkshakes are good examples of foods to eat on those first few days. You can also use any over the counter pain reliever to help relieve the discomfort.

How do I keep my teeth and braces clean?

It is very, very important that you keep your teeth clean whether or not you have braces. That alone can keep you from having most types of dental problems. It takes a little extra effort to keep your teeth clean when you have braces. Braces and wires can be food traps and it is very important that you remove any food residue with toothbrush and floss.

We recommend that you use a small head toothbrush with soft bristles. The small head makes is easier to remove plaque and food from hard to reach areas. The soft bristles are important to preserve your gums. A small proxy-brush, shaped like a christmas tree, is great to to remove food and plaque around the brackets and underneath the wires.

It is also very important keep flossing your teeth during orthodontic treatment. You can use floss threaders or orthodontic flossers to help you get the floss underneath the wires so that you clean below the gum line.

What happens if I don’t keep my teeth clean?

Bad things can happen if you don’t keep your teeth clean while you’re in braces.

One of the most common problems we see is the development of white stains around the brackets. Those stains are mostly irreversible. They are the result of decalcification of the enamel and can progress to cavities.

Another common issues that can develop are red, swollen gums that bleed when touched. Those are signs that the gums are inflamed. In extreme cases, that inflammation can progress to the bones that hold the teeth and cause the teeth to get lose. If this condition is left untreated, it can cause tooth loss. Sometimes surgery is necessary to trim the gums that grew around the brackets.

What do I do if something breaks?

If a bracket breaks and it is still attached to the wire, give us a call at (501) 916 2545. We will schedule for you to come in and repair the broken bracket.

If the last bracket in the arch breaks and the wire is poking you, you can use fingernail clippers to trim the wire. That should keep you comfortable until you are able to come into the office to have the bracket repaired and the wire replaced.

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