Dental Appliances

3D Printed Appliances reduce the number of appointments and produce a more comfortable appliance. Dental appliances in orthodontics are devices used to address various dental issues and assist in aligning teeth and jaws. They come in different forms, including the Herbst appliance and palatal expanders. These appliances, along with other orthodontic devices, help achieve proper alignment and improve overall oral health.

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Herbst Appliance

The Herbst Appliance is a growth modification device used when the lower jaw (mandible) is too far back in relation to the upper jaw (maxilla). It replaces traditional headgear and can potentially avoid the need for surgery or tooth extractions. Connected by two metal arms, the appliance is bonded with orthodontic cement to the posterior teeth.

Palatal Expander

A palatal expander is an orthodontic device that expands the upper jaw, allowing ample space for the permanent teeth and correcting any disparities between the jaws. We now offer 3D printed expanders, designed to fit your child’s unique tooth anatomy. 3D printed expanders are sleeker, less bulky, and require fewer fitting appointments.

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