Custom Braces

At Hodge Orthodontics, we believe in utilizing the power of technology to improve the orthodontic experience. Our custom braces are tailored to each patient’s unique tooth anatomy to ensure that brackets are positioned precisely, reducing the need for frequent adjustments. This results in faster treatment times and fewer appointments, which is especially beneficial for busy families. Longer intervals between visits provide added convenience and minimize disruptions to daily routines.

Crooked Teeth




Jaw Misalignment

Missing Teeth

Impacted Teeth

Narrow Palates

Beyond Smiles

Embarking on the journey to a picture-perfect smile can be a process. When it comes to correcting crooked, misaligned, or overlapping teeth, braces remain the most popular and traditional orthodontic solution. Tooth-colored and metal braces offer an efficient and reliable path to a straighter and more attractive smile for patients who do not wish to use a removable tool like aligners. 

Tech-driven Precision

Even though braces have been around for decades, recent advances in technology have made the process more precise and efficient. At Hodge Orthodontics, we are using the latest in orthodontic technology to make treatment more comfortable and efficient for our patients. Braces used to be manually placed and positioned in each tooth. Now, with the advancement of tooth scanning and 3D printing, we are able to get a perfect digital representation of our patients teeth. Dr. Hodge is able to virtually place the braces on each patient’s teeth. That allows a level of magnification and precision that is greatly improved compared to “free handing” placement of brackets.

Tailored to You

Our system allows for custom design where each bracket has a base designed to fit each tooth’s unique anatomy, as opposed to using the same bracket shape for everyone. We then use 3D printing technology to print a transfer device used to place the braces on our patient’s teeth. That makes the initial appointment to get braces shorter and more comfortable. The increased precision of placement leads to fewer adjustments, making treatment more efficient.

Tooth-Colored Braces

Tooth-colored braces closely resemble traditional metal braces, but with tooth-colored or clear brackets made of ceramic or composite. They are chosen by many for their aesthetic appeal, providing a less noticeable option. This is especially advantageous for adults or teens who may feel self-conscious about wearing braces. For many people, they are a perfect choice!

Pros of Tooth-colored Braces

Who Should Get Tooth-Colored Braces?

Tooth-colored braces offer a subtle appearance as they are available in clear or white, making them less noticeable than shiny metal. This can boost confidence in professional and social situations, especially for adults getting braces. Many children and teens also opt for tooth-colored braces. Some like the look of fun color ties with these brackets, others like that these brackets are more discrete and less noticeable.

Metal Braces

Metal braces, whether made from stainless steel or titanium, are the tried-and-true option. They have been around the longest and are still the most popular choice amongst patients. 

Metal and tooth colored braces are basically interchangeable.

Metal Brackets

Metal brackets consist of a blend of strong and malleable metals like stainless steel, gold, titanium, and nickel. Chromium is added to prevent corrosion, while molybdenum prevents pitting and crevice corrosion. The front of each bracket contains a slot that holds the metal archwire.

Metal Archwire

Once the brackets are attached to your teeth, the archwire is threaded through the slot in the front of the brackets. This connects all of your teeth and creates tension that pulls your teeth into the appropriate formation. The wires may be titanium, nickel, stainless steel, or even a titanium alloy.


Metal brackets and archwires are the primary components of braces, but ligatures play a crucial role. Ligatures are rubber bands that connect the archwires to the brackets, enabling the repositioning of your teeth. These ligatures come in various colors, allowing you to select a new design during each visit.

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Custom braces are a type of orthodontic braces that are customized to fit the individual shape of someone’s teeth. Rather than using the same bracket for everyone and making adjustments to position the teeth, custom braces are designed for each tooth’s unique anatomy.

Custom braces offer a number of benefits over traditional braces. Digital planning allows for more precision of bracket positioning, which leads to fewer adjustments and ultimately faster treatment time.

Families with busy lifestyles can benefit from custom braces because they require fewer adjustments and appointments compared to traditional braces. With custom braces, you may be able to space out your visits every 8-10 weeks instead of 6-8 weeks, which can save time and reduce disruptions to your busy schedule. Additionally, because custom braces are designed to fit your teeth precisely, they may require less time in the orthodontist’s chair overall, which can be a great option for families with busy lifestyles.

If you’re interested in custom braces for yourself or your child, the best thing to do is to schedule a consultation with us. We can assess your individual needs and help you determine whether custom braces are the best option for achieving your orthodontic goals. In addition to custom braces, we also offer treatment with aligners which are a great alternative for kids, teens and adults who desire to have something removable. We are also proud to offer virtual consultations, which can be a great option for busy families who want to learn more about their orthodontic needs from the comfort of their own homes.

Ready to Get Started?

If you are interested in custom braces, or you have questions about how to get a more aesthetically pleasing smile, contact Hodge Orthodontics. We’ll schedule a consultation with Dr. Hodge and you can talk about the orthodontic options that will work for your smile – and your budget!