Braces for teens

Your child should visit an orthodontist by the age of seven, giving their permanent teeth time to start coming in and their smile to start taking shape. By the time your child is a teen, they might have already had some experience with retainers or other orthodontic treatment to shape their healthy, growing smile. At Hodge Orthodontics, we can help you and your teen create a straight, healthy smile for years to come.

Teens sometimes experience a lot of anxiety around straightening teeth and braces. They might have even heard horror stories or worry about teasing – but Dr. Hodge and the team at Hodge Orthodontics will put you and your teen at ease and help explain the options when it comes to braces and a straight, healthy smile.

Mapping Your Teen’s Smile

The team at Hodge Orthodontics will examine your teen’s teeth and the shape of your teen’s jaw using high-tech tools to create a map and impressions of their bite. This process not only helps identify any alignment issues and malocclusions but will also produce a 3D image to help you and your teen understand how their smile can be improved. Our friendly staff will put you at ease and keep you informed every step of the way!

Exploring Your Teen’s Options

After we’ve mapped your teen’s smile and walked you through the adjustments needed to build straight teeth and an aligned bite, our professional orthodontic team will explore all of your teen’s options. These might include:

  • Metal Braces for Teens: While some teens might not like the idea of metal braces, they are sometimes the best option for fast, lasting treatment. Metal braces don’t have to be chunky, scary, or unattractive; we can customize your teen’s metal braces with their favorite colors!
  • Ceramic Braces for Teens: Many teens prefer ceramic braces for a more low-profile treatment option. Ceramic braces match the color of your teen’s teeth for a less-noticeable treatment option.
  • Invisalign for Teens: If your teen needs orthodontic treatment but wants to avoid traditional braces, they can often be treated with clear aligners like Invisalign that are worn either at night or all day (except for meal times). These aligners are usually just as effective as braces and can be adjusted for better fit as your teen continues to grow.

Your orthodontic team at Hodge Orthodontics will advise you and your teen on the best option to create a straight smile and aligned bite. At Hodge Orthodontics, we’re parents, too. We know that your teen may have questions and concerns about returning to school with braces, and we are experienced, caring professionals who can set their minds at ease.

Excellent Treatment – From Start to Finish

Aligning your teen’s bite and straightening their smile is a process that can take between eighteen months and three years, often followed with a retainer or clear aligners to keep their teeth in place. At Hodge Orthodontics, we can recommend your teen’s fastest path to a straight, healthy smile! We take your teen’s treatment seriously, and we’ll be by your side from start to finish. Along the way, we’ll make sure your teen has a comfortable fit and their treatment is progressing effectively.

Every time your teen is in the orthodontist’s chair, we’ll make them comfortable and involve them in lifelong care for their new smile. We take time with each of our patients to make sure they understand the importance of oral and orthodontic health and the part they play in their own treatment. Dr. Hodge and the team at Hodge Orthodontics are consistently recognized as Little Rock’s top orthodontist for a reason – we care for you and your family like our own!

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Your teen should be on a regular schedule for orthodontic checkups. Even if you don’t suspect an orthodontic problem, your teen’s growth and development could be masking potential issues only an orthodontist can detect. Contact us today to schedule your teen’s next orthodontic checkup and consultation!

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