September 29, 2019

Cost vs. Benefits of Teen Braces

It’s all about weighing the benefits and costs of teen braces.

Countless parents have stood in the same spot and been in the same situation. Their dentist tells them their teenager needs braces and they immediately think of their finances and how it’s all going to work. “How much will this cost? Is it really necessary?”

It’s all about weighing the benefits and costs of teen braces.

Cost of Teen Braces

There is no one-and-done price for teen braces. The national average for traditional braces ranges from $3,000 to $6,000.

That’s a huge range, though. How do you know what to expect?

Your out-of-pocket cost will depend on several factors. First of all, no two mouths are the same. Teens with more severe misalignment and those who need more complex adjustments will have a higher bill.

Your insurance will impact your cost as well, because each insurance plan sets its own limits for what it covers and how much it will pay. In fact, some families pay hardly anything out-of-pocket at all.

On top of all this, there are multiple options for teen braces. Traditional metal braces tend to be the least expensive, while Invisalign and other choices will cost more.

Even your location will impact the cost of your child’s braces based on the cost of living. Thankfully, Arkansas has one of the lowest prices for braces in the country.

Benefits of Braces for Teens

With those numbers in mind, it’s natural to ask yourself if those braces are worth the price. Whether you consider this to be good news or bad news, your teen has more to gain from their braces than you realize.

Healthy Confidence

It’s no secret that confidence is a big deal for teenagers.

They’re seeking constant approval from their peers, who tend to be superficial. It’s a brain chemistry change every teen faces, and a lack of confidence in their appearance can have serious consequences.

The cosmetic benefit of straighter teeth is the most noticeable advantage braces offer, and the confidence that goes with it can help your teen make better choices for years to come.

Dental Care

Few parents realize how much crooked teeth will impact a teen’s oral health for the rest of their life.

When teeth are crooked or too tight, it makes it hard to brush and floss them thoroughly. The result is a higher risk for tooth decay as well as gum disease.

Protection from Injuries

In many teens with misaligned teeth, certain teeth stick out more than others. Not only can this be a cosmetic problem, but it puts them at risk for injuring those teeth.

If a child falls or has an accident while playing sports and they hit their mouth, teeth that stick out will take the lion’s share of the impact. They’re more likely to break or chip, which could land you with an expensive emergency dental repair.

Fewer Jaw Problems

Your teen’s jaw was made for chewing and eating, but it’s designed with the assumption that the pressure will distribute evenly across the entire jaw.

If your child’s teeth are crooked without teen braces, they may chew food more on one side of the mouth than others. This puts more stress on those areas which can lead to jaw pain over the years.

Better Sleep

Did you know misaligned teeth can affect your teen’s airways while they sleep? It could change their jaw’s position or limit their airflow. The result is a lot of tossing and turning and an unhealthy sleep quality.

Be aware that for some teens, braces are uncomfortable and that may lower their sleep quality at first. Their mouth will adjust to the braces quickly, though, and a few months of wearing braces can give them better sleep quality for the rest of their life.

Braces for Your Teen

We understand that teen braces are a big decision. You’re committing your time and your money, but rest assured that your teenager will enjoy many benefits as a result.

To learn more or to get started with your child’s braces, call our orthodontic office today.

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