June 24, 2019

Stay Cavity Free During Braces Treatment

There are several tips that can keep you cavity-free during your teeth straightening. Here’s what you need to know!

Getting your teeth straightened is important for your smile as well as your dental health. However, having braces can be a challenge when it comes to keeping your teeth clean during treatment. Unfortunately, that can lead to problems, including cavities.

How do you avoid this? Fortunately, there are several tips that can keep you cavity-free during your teeth straightening. Here’s what you need to know!


Use Fluoride Toothpaste

Fluoride helps brighten your smile and adds minerals to your teeth which strengthens them. You’ll have less sensitivity and it helps prevent erosion and, of course, cavities!

You can also use fluoride mouthwash. Be sure to follow instructions and ask your orthodontist for advice.


Perfect Your Flossing and Brushing

Do you know how to brush and floss effectively with braces? It’s similar to the normal way, but there are a few extra steps. You may want to get an electric toothbrush – you can find many options that won’t break the bank.

Be sure to clean the wire and around each bracket. Once you rinse your mouth, you can check and make sure you didn’t miss anything. From there, floss with waxed floss. Carefully thread it under the main wire to reach between your teeth.

Be sure to avoid brushing your teeth right after acidic food and drinks, because the enamel will be softer. After about an hour, it should be safe.

Brushing and flossing will take a little extra time, but it will pay off when you avoid cavities during treatment!


Drink Lots of Water

Drinking a lot of water is great for your health in a lot of ways, but it will also help keep your braces from increasing your chance of cavities. You rinse acid and sugar off your teeth with water, and it also hydrates your body and helps you feel incredible.

You can also drink sparkling water without sugar, water flavored with fruit, or any other non-sugary and non-acidic drink. That will help you keep your teeth cleaner as you move through your orthodontic treatment.


Eat Healthier

Everyone wants to eat healthier at some point – why not make your braces treatment the starting point you’ve been looking for? You can take small steps – cut out the snacks you eat that have the highest sugar. Not only will it help you avoid cavities, it will help your body in a variety of other ways too.

Instead, focus on fresh fruit (not too much citrus, though), fresh vegetables, and other healthier foods. One small step at a time can make a big difference.


Get Specific Advice About Braces From Your Orthodontist

If you have specific problems, like grinding your teeth, a habit of chewing ice, or a smoking habit, you  may want to get specific advice from your orthodontist. They have seen it all and they will have good tips on how to improve your dental health.

Having braces doesn’t have to be a trying time. With some simple changes you can keep your teeth clean and in a short time, you’ll be enjoying the benefits of straighter teeth. If you’re interested in getting orthodontic treatment, why not contact us today? With a free consultation you’ll know exactly what you need.


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