February 21, 2019

Candy to Avoid With Braces

With candy the centerpiece of many of our holidays and celebrations, it’s natural to wonder if having braces will put a damper on things for you.

The answer is maybe – it depends on how much candy you want and what your favorite kinds are.

We don’t need to tell you that lots of sugar isn’t good for your health or your teeth. But given that you’re going to have some kind of candy, let’s help you know what to avoid – and what you can have instead.


Avoid the Hard and Sticky Candy

Jolly Ranchers? Suckers? Taffy?

Nope and nope. Sorry. Hard candy breaks into small pieces and can easily get stuck in brackets or wires. Hard candy also gets stuck between your teeth, which is hard to clean normally and even more so with orthodontics.

Anything hard or sticky can cause extra tooth decay and can also break or bend your brackets and wires. While you have braces, you’ll have to avoid them.


Say No to M&Ms and Skittles

These small pop-able candies are nearly everyone’s favorites, but their small and somewhat sticky nature make them a no-go for braces.

The candy is so small that a piece of one could get stuck under a wire or bracket, and you may not notice it until it breaks a wire or bracket when you’re eating something else entirely!

Unfortunately, small-size candy also gets between teeth and stuck in hard-to-clean spots.


Toffee and Brittle

A candy that starts out hard and softens in your mouth actually falls under the category of sticky candy. Like other candies on this list, it can damage your wires, brackets, and your teeth.

When you get candy stuck and end up with additional cavities, you will have to have additional dental treatment to repair those problems. That’s never fun, and it’s easier to simply avoid the problem.


Candy With Nuts in It

Nuts are a no-go for orthodontics because they can get jammed in small spaces and frequently bend wires. Unfortunately, if the wires aren’t straight, the results of your orthodontic treatment won’t be either.

As a result, candy with nuts – even chocolate with nuts buried in it – is off-limits while you have braces.


What CAN You Eat With Braces?

Enough about the restrictions! What candy can you enjoy this holiday?

The most common and well-loved Valentine’s candy – chocolate – is safe for those with orthodontics as long as it’s not small or hard (like M&Ms). Boxed chocolates, candy bars, and kiss-shaped chocolates are all great.

You can also enjoy non-caramel soft candy bars like Three Musketeers, along with peppermint patties and malted milk balls.

Of course, be sure that you clean your teeth very soon after having candy to clear the sugar and avoid having any problems with cavities.

Having braces is only one of your tooth-straightening options. To explore what we can do for you, contact us today!

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