January 24, 2019

Is Vaping Safe for Teens?

Vaping has been touted as a much safer way to enjoy nicotine than smoking cigarettes.

As a result, it’s quickly been gaining steam as a trend, especially among teens.

But is it really safe? And how does it affect teens overall? There are a variety of health concerns, and smoking (in any form) has been known to affect teeth alignment and cause other problems.

Here’s what you need to know about teen vaping!


Teen Vaping is Extremely Common

A recent study showed that 24% of 12th graders reported vaping daily, so vaping is not an isolated trend.

It’s becoming extremely popular in part because it’s believed to be safer than smoking. In addition, vape juice is created in a variety of enjoyable flavors, including fruit, candy, mint, and more.

Although the FDA is beginning to crack down on the marketing of vaping to younger people, they are bit late to the party. Unfortunately, it’s already been an ongoing trend for several years, and vaping can be even more addictive than cigarettes because of the higher nicotine content.

Many brands sell gear and clothing that is designed to conceal vape pens, and it’s harder for parents and teachers to detect. They don’t give off a smoke smell like cigarettes do, and many vape devices look like a pen or thumb drive, which teens would normally have.


It’s Hard to Know What Vape Juice is Safe

Because vaping is fairly new and unregulated, there are hundreds of brands and it’s often impossible to tell what’s actually in the juice. There could be any number of chemicals that are undisclosed and affecting the health of young people.

Exposing the lungs to these types of chemicals could cause serious illness and increase the risk for cancer, just like smoking does. But there’s not enough long-term data to know yet, so companies are currently able to stay under the radar.

The chemicals in vape juice can also impact the inside of the mouth, causing sores, cavities, problems with teeth alignment due to using the device, and more.


Vaping Increases the Likelihood of Using Other Drugs

A single Juul pod (a popular brand) contains as much nicotine as an entire pack of cigarettes. As you might guess, this makes vaping very addictive, as the high gained is much more than smoking.

In addition, some vape juices are created to have THC, the ingredient in marijuana that gets users high. So some vaping is no different than smoking a joint.

Because this encourages addictive behavior and the chasing of a high, it opens the door to other addictions. Researchers have found that violence, substance abuse, and sexual activity are more likely among vapers.


Teeth Alignment, Cancer, and Addiction: Vaping Has Serious Health Concerns

Regular smoking affects your teeth in significantly negative ways, and many of these are present with e-cigarettes as well. Teeth alignment, staining, and cavities can be significant impacts.

Of course, there’s a lot more than teeth at stake. Nicotine raises blood pressure and spikes adrenaline. Vape liquids contain chemicals that are known to be carcinogens, and it shows up in teens who vape. The chemicals can also harm blood vessels and lymph nodes and inhibit normal cell function.

Talking to your teen about vaping can be a challenge, but it’s important. There are so many health risks that are known, and who knows how many that are yet to be discovered.

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