September 7, 2018

Helping Your Teen Build Confidence at School

When teens go back to school, there’s always some nervousness.

Even if you child is seeing friends from last year, they have new classes, new challenges, and new social situations.

A lot of times these unknowns can cause anxiety. Your teen may have a few negative experiences, get their heart broken, gain and lose friends, and more.

And that doesn’t even take into account academics!

Fortunately, there is a lot you can do to build confidence in the teen years. Whether it’s getting teeth aligned with clear braces, focusing on efforts instead of outcome, or encouraging self-acceptance, here are ways to help your teen build confidence at school.


Balance Self-Acceptance With Effort

It can be hard to know how to teach your teen to accept themselves as they are without encouraging complacency. You certainly don’t want your teen to not try, but at the same time you want them to enjoy who they are.


Help them understand that there is value to both sides of this equation. They can recognize the skills they have while looking to build new ones. They can also enjoy who they are as a person while they continue to learn and grow.



Consider Teeth Straightening With Clear Braces

When it comes to those who look different, kids can be very cruel. That’s why doing something like straightening teeth should be pursued with care.


Clear braces like Invisalign can help straighten teeth without opening your teen to insults and problems at school. They are much less visible than other braces options and can help your teen gain the confidence of straighter teeth without worrying about bullying.


Clear braces are an excellent option for families who need to straighten their teen’s teeth. They aren’t a great option for all families since clear braces are best for those with mild to moderate alignment issues. However, if they work for your teen, they are a great confidence builder!



Praise Effort as Much as Achievement

Teens feel a lot of pressure to achieve in high school, especially because college is more expensive than ever. If they want to pursue a college degree, they need to qualify for scholarships, school aid, and more, or they may not be able to afford to go.


As a parent, you can help your teen adjust their focus by praising effort just as much as achievement. Those who don’t ever learn that it’s OK to try and fail end up in what’s called a “fixed mindset,” and are less likely to take risks, do their best and succeed long-term.


Praising effort helps develop a growth mindset, where challenges are welcome and failures are seen as a chance to learn. This helps your teen have more confidence no matter how things turn out in the short term.



A Great Smile Gives Great Confidence

There’s nothing like loving your smile to help you feel more confident. Whether you’re able to use clear braces or need a more traditional style, the work that braces do will help your teen feel great every day going forward.


If you’re ready to explore options for straightening your teen’s teeth, we’d love to help. Contact us to set up and appointment today!

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