July 18th, 2018

4 Ways to Make Your Family Orthodontic Experience Easier

It isn’t easy being a kid when you’ve got braces.

As adults, we know the whole ordeal is well worth a lifetime of healthy, straight teeth. We also can appreciate that kids today don’t have to deal with the bigger, metal-mouth braces that were around when their parents were kids.

As a family orthodontics clinic, Hodge Orthodontics makes being a kid-friendly office a priority. Since kids often don’t have our perspective, it is important to find a way to speak their language when it comes time to get braces. 


1. Choose personalized colors.

Have your kids choose what their braces will look like. We’ve noticed that kids have a much easier time with braces if they feel like they have a say in important decisions. They also value their personal style. Even if it includes quirky colors and different takes on what fabrics should be worn together.

We love seeing kids getting a chance to express their own taste in style. Ask us about our color options.


2. Make office visits fun.

While they have braces, your child will be visiting the family orthodontics office frequently. Consider different ways you can make these visits a positive experience.

We are located on Kavanaugh, right next to Mylo Coffee Co. and River City Coffee. Your kids might not be up for drinking coffee yet — and probably should avoid acidic drinks while they are wearing braces — these local coffee shops will also have fun drinks they can order as a reward. (We hear Mylo Coffee Co. serves ice cream from loblolly creamery).


3. Special treatment at mealtime.

Wearing braces means your child can’t enjoy all the same foods as they did without braces. Now is a great time to try out new foods. Take them on a special trip to the grocery store, shopping just for them. They’ll appreciate the extra attention. And understand a little more why it is important to eliminate certain foods from their diet.

Should they be trading lunches at school, they’ll still know how to make good decisions regarding what to eat with braces.

Just like choosing which colors to put on their braces, this will help them feel like they are an important part of the decision making process.


4. Help with brushing.

Even if your child is old enough to brush their teeth, brushing while wearing braces is a whole new ordeal. They will appreciate the special attention, and you can rest assured they’ll know what to do should they need to brush while they are at school or a friends house.

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