May 8, 2018

Teeth Alignment | How Big Of A Deal Is It?

Malocclusion, the misalignment of teeth, isn’t just a cosmetic issue. It can cause tooth or jaw pain and make it difficult to properly care for your teeth. If you think poor teeth alignment is causing you pain or wearing down your teeth, talk to your dentist. Schedule an appointment with an orthodontist to talk about your options. Teeth alignment issues are often easier to correct than most patients think.At Hodge Orthodontics, we help patients of all ages with teeth alignment issues and more. We know the value of a healthy smile. That is why we accept multiple insurances and offer flexible financing. We don’t want cost to stand in the way of you getting a smile you can be proud of. Learn more: are a few things you should know about teeth alignment.  

Bite problems can lead to pain and more serious dental issues.

If your bite is not properly aligned, it may present problems to your overall health. A misaligned jaw often leads to grinding and clenching issues. This leads to your enamel, the protective outer-layer of your teeth, wearing down. Wearing down the protective layer of enamel will leave the tooth more susceptible to decay and other serious dental problems. If misalignment isn’t obvious, it catches attention with other symptoms. Jaw pain and jaw popping is a common side effect that patients take note of. They may even experience difficulty eating and closing their mouth.

Fixing teeth alignment issues is often less of an ordeal than patients think.

The most common solution to malocclusion is braces. Today, braces are smaller and more attractive. At Hodge Orthodontics, we offer Invisalign and ceramic braces. Braces on an adult’s teeth are just as effective—it not more—than a child’s teeth. Every case of poor teeth alignment is unique. The best solution for you might involve sleeping with a night guard or having a misshapen tooth repaired.

Trauma can cause malocclusion.

It is not always by chance that your teeth become misplaced. A jaw injury or serious dental work can cause them to shift out of place. If you lose a tooth as an adult, it is important that you go to the dentist. A missing tooth means the other teeth in your mouth have room to shift places. A healthy, aligned smile makes a dramatic difference in your facial appearance. Don’t hesitate to start asking your dentist about the alignment of your teeth. Make sure to bring up any discomfort or signs that you have been grinding your teeth in your sleep.
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