April 10, 2018

Why Kids Benefit from Orthodontics At Age 7

We’ll have your family feeling comfortable at the orthodontist in no time.

Looking for a orthodontist who practices family orthodontics? Hodge Orthodontics is a family practice in Little Rock, Arkansas. Dr. Hodge provides exceptional orthodontic care to our patients. 

The American Association of Orthodontists recommends that children have an orthodontic exam at age 7. Here are a few reasons why.

At this age your adult teeth are just beginning to form.

Age 7 is the perfect time to see how well your adult teeth are coming in. They are in the early stages of formation, yet an orthodontist can determine if there will be any issues as they form.

X-rays are everything in the world of dentistry. They allow your general dentist and dental specialists to see early signs and take preventative measures. An x-ray scan can help prevent dental problems from cavities to permanent jaw damage.

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They may need limited orthodontic treatment.

If Dr. Hodge identifies an issue, we recommend limited orthodontic treatments. At this early stage, a serious problem is easier to correct. Limited orthodontic treatment will help improve your child’s smile and save you money by preventing larger orthodontic issues in the future.

Limited treatment is also used if the child has a dental issue directly affecting their self-esteem. If your child does not like their smile or has jaw issues that affect the proportions of their face, their self-esteem might suffer. Limited treatment is gentle. It can correct an overbite or an underdeveloped jawline.

To prevent future problems.

Perhaps the most important reason your child should see an orthodontist at age 7 is to prevent future problems. Early detection can help with crossbites, some types of underbites, and other issues. It can even reduce the chance of your child needing corrective surgery later in life.

If someone in your family has braces, you’ll be visiting your orthodontist quite frequently. So it matters that your children have a positive experience every time they walk in the door. Hodge Orthodontics has a welcoming, uplifting environment. We make it a point to make our office on Kavanaugh feel like home.

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